Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Greetings! You may call me Doctor Pseudonymous. Because that is my name. I have perfected a way to travel from my universe, designated Universe-Prime, to your strange and primitive Universe-X, to set you straight about the “movies.”

I've read too many times about movies that your so-called "critics" declare to be from an alternate universe, lacking in so-called "logic" and so-called "quality." It is time for me to reveal the truth! Many of these movies are in fact from universes other than your own, and furthermore these movies are masterpieces! Just because they don't fall within the primitive bounds of your so-called "rationality" and their creators don't meet the standards of your so-called "competence," that does not mean they are not great art.  Silence! Herein I will correct your strange and primitive ideas and show you the true meaning of great cinema. And you will sit there and like it! So says Doctor Pseudonymous!