Monday, April 22, 2024

"Three Words: C-I-A" - Murdercycle (1999)

Let us now turn to 1999's Murdercycle, a science fiction film in which an alien entity possesses and converts a motorcycle and its rider to terrorize a group of Marines and CIA agents in the Colorado (not California) desert.

Of course, some people in your universe don't appreciate action films of Murdercycle's quality. Reviewer parca writes simply, "Everything in this movie is bad." Reviewer bkoganbing writes, "Murdercycle is one truly lame science fiction film. It rates at the bottom of all categories, acting, writing, directing and laughable special effecs [sic]." And reviewer marko210 writes, "Words can not describe the strength it took to watch it all the way through."

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Monday, April 8, 2024

"I Was in an Andy Warhol Movie the Other Week" - Hollywood Horror House (1970)

Let us now delve into a classic film depicting the descent into madness of an aging movie star from the golden age of cinema trapped in her decaying mansion. Of course, I'm referring to Donald Wolfe's Hollywood Horror House (1970), Miriam Hopkins's entry into the film cycle that is now called "Grand Dame Guignol" or, less charitably, "Hagsploitation." In fact, Hollywood Horror House does not skimp on the Grand Guignol or the "sploitation," making it an unusual, though underseen, entry into the subgenre.

Of course, some of your universe's critics undervalue this film. For example, reviewer mark.waltz writes, "this ranks as an embarrassing Z grade mix of grindhouse slasher horror and the desperation of a delusional diva to keep her name alive, no matter how repulsive the film she's in is."  Reviewer kira02bit writes, "Watch if you must, but there are much better options, even within this genre." And reviewer poolandrews, with some unexpected charity, writes, "It's a mildly entertaining one-time-watch at best & a complete mess of a film at worse, you decide which!"

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