Monday, December 18, 2023

“How Could a Pack of Wild, Wild Dogs Do This?” - Lone Wolf (1988)

It is time to delve back into the small body of work of Denver, Colorado's Michael Krueger, visionary writer/director of Night Vision (1987) and Mindkiller (also 1987). Mr. Krueger wrote Lone Wolf, leaving the directing chores to John Callas. (Behind-the-scenes information about Mr. Krueger and Mr. Callas may be found in a fascinating article by Matty Budrewicz at The Schlock Pit.) Tragically, Mr. Krueger would pass away in 1990, leaving only a handful of fascinating films behind.

As with the writer's other films, some of your universe's critics unkindly dismiss Lone Wolf. For example, reviewer tmccull52 writes inaccurately, "Even for 1980s schlock horror, this movie is terrible. The acting is beyond atrocious." Reviewer NoDakTatum writes dismissively, "The budget and script lack, the talent is lost, and it lumbers along." And reviewer Leofwine_draca writes, "LONE WOLF is a film too cheap and predictable to make much of an impact."

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Monday, December 4, 2023

“Just Because You’re a Vampire Doesn’t Mean You’re a Superhero” - The Last Vampire on Earth (2010)

Let us continue our exploration of modern classic films with a treatment of The Last Vampire on Earth (2010), a vampire romance between young people set in rural America, a highly original if not unique premise. Directed by Vitaliy Versace, the film is a visionary story about good vampires and evil churchgoers.

Some of your universe's critics, as usual, downplay the success of the film, and even the self-published novel upon which it is based. For example, film reviewer Jesusloveselvis jokes, "I would advice [sic] anyone who is blind to watch this with the sound turned off for maximum pleasure." Reviewer KMRocky writes, "There is no story and no plot to this film at all unless you like watching two teens have unmindful conversations about nothing I wouldn't waste your time watching this." And reviewer floraposteschild writes, "this film is not even good enough to have on in the background at your Hallowe'en party."

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