Monday, September 6, 2021

“Just Talk it Over with the Axe Killer” - Edge of the Axe (1988) - Film #212

Now is a good time to review another of the later films directed by José Ramón Larraz, Edge of the Axe (1988). Here, Mr. Larraz abandons the supernatural mystery of the previous year's Rest in Pieces (1987) to create an atmospheric slasher movie with some gialloesque trappings, perhaps practicing for his somewhat more subdued slasher film Deadly Manor (1990).

Some of your universe's critics fail to understand Mr. Larraz's oeuvre. For example, reviewer movieman_kev writes, "This was one of the more forgettable slasher films from the late 1980's, having nothing special to distinguish it from any myriad of similar sub-par slashers." Reviewer bombersflyup writes, "Edge of the Axe is pretty damn awful, offering next to nothing, with a nonsense plot and any lack of reasoning." And reviewer barbell_28 writes, "The acting, although i expected to be sub par, was sub sub par, the story was boring and the kills were so cheesy i just didnt care. The characters are unlikable. Its just a bad movie all around."

Read on for a fair assessment of the slasher classic that is Edge of the Axe...